Best small ideas in 2020

Best small ideas in 2020

Best small ideas in 2020

hey what's up guys my name's Chris will intern in this blog I'm gonna go through the top 20 small business ideas for this year now the great thing is that most of these businesses can be done by beginners so complete beginners and you don't need a whole lot of startup money to get started in fact you might not be able to do this even if you're completely broke which is always good because I know not everyone has access to a whole lot of money

 but anyway let's now get started with these twenty business ideas for this year alright so the first online business that you could do is to become a virtual assistant and the best place to do this is at a website called and essentially what is going to allow you to do is to get jobs online without actually having to be in a physical location so the first job that I was saying is to be a virtual assistant and you can see that these people here have been earning a lot of money working from home

 so Morgan right here has been earning $17 an hour made over $10,000 Megan he has made $20 an hour over $70,000 and essentially what you would do as a virtual assistant provides assistance services to people over the net but if you got skills in bookkeeping I'd definitely take a look also it up work because you can get paid a whole lot more so, for example, Mike here he's earned over two hundred thousand dollars online 

on up work because he's able to charge a hundred and fifty dollars an hour for his bookkeeping services Linda here is charging $50 an hour and has earned over $100,000 Robin $55 and over $100,000 so you can see that these guys here and making a whole lot of money they're all from the United States and essentially 

all you need to know is how to work in software like QuickBooks which is essentially an accounting software or bookkeeping software just knowing you know the basics of income and outgoings and things like that and also there's another software called zero which is another one which you might want to learn that

 you could spend you know maybe three months learning about bookkeeping and you could definitely get a job as a bookkeeper on so next up is to sell your services over at now this is a little bit different to up work because you'll essentially be doing it on a project basis so you know there are so many 

different things that you could do over on Fiverr so you could do voice-overs you could do translations you could do transcribing people's text you could write small blog posts and things like that but originally what Fiverr used to be as you know selling your jobs for around about five dollars these days it's changed a lot and you can do kind of certain gigs so you could do 

a gig, for example, designing an Amazon product listing image these guys here are going to be doing it for like five gigs worth which would be like $25 I'm in Sweden so this is in kroner but you can do so many different things logo design if you could at that if you want to know how to help people with their social media you can do that

 if you've got a nice voice you can do a good voiceover you can do translations illustrations there are so many different things that you can do on Fiverr and it's a great way of making a good amount of money again from you know from your own home so if we take a look at this illustration here done over 1,000 orders 

we go Wiggles he's a level 2 seller and he's done over a thousand orders and his premium package is around about fifty dollars three hundred crowns is about fifty dollars and all he's doing is drawing this kind of illustrations and then selling them to people on Fiverr another job that you could do is to review things either on a blog or a YouTube channel and I think that my channel is a really good example of this 

so I have a second channel this one here is called Chris winter photography and essentially what I do is review cameras so if someone is looking to buy a camera I've made that camera review and you know talking about it shared my thoughts with it and you can see that lots of people like to watch reviews before they buy them so, for example, this here is a canon t6 review I made it three years ago and it's already had 800,000 views and there's another different kind of videos that I've made so for example if someone's looking for the best beginner DSLR this one he has had nearly a million views this one for 2019.

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