Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!

Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!

you want to work from home but you see the value in starting your own business and you're wondering what kind of business is that you can start that will allow you to work from home and create the type of work environment that you just absolutely desire and you really want so

today I'm gonna tell you 10 different businesses that you can start to be able to work from your jammies, hey hey so I get it I totally get it I've been there done that got the t-shirt you want to start a business and I'm gonna tell you some ways you can do that here in just a minute but once you do start that business you're gonna go down this giant rabbit hole of who do I follow what advice do I take what should I be reading what should I cut be consuming and I'm here to tell you that this blog you were on right 

now is a blog that you should add to your watch list so if you are new here I am Jessica Stansbury and I help entrepreneurs with work at home businesses and all the other types of businesses create content that actually converts to sales so that they can grow on autopilot so when you're reading this and you're like yes 

I want to start this business that one of these ideas works for me woohoo but what do I do next I'm your girl so make sure you hit follow so that you don't miss anything else that I'm putting out working from home is not an impossible task finding good work from home jobs can feel impossible and on a blog.

I did a couple weeks ago I mentioned a couple of different ways that you can work from home and the first of those was to start your own business and I only listed off a couple of the possibilities that fall in the realm of starting your own business where you can work from home so today 

we're gonna expand on that guys we're gonna expand on it we're gonna do this I'm gonna give you an idea and you're gonna be like yes that's the one I'm starting my business today that is my goal so if you are looking to start a business and you I haven't done that yet  

you don't know what the next steps are and you don't know where to go from here I've created a business builders guide for you so that you can understand it and know what your next steps are and really get a firm grasp on starting this business from the ground up and it's completely free all you have to do is go over to Jessica Stansbury comm /b BG and that stands for business builders guide.

I don't want you to leave this blog to go do that but you just know that it's linked up in the description below and you can go open that sucker in a new tab here in a minute and grab that guide for yourself because I promise you that I'm gonna inspire you and you're gonna want that alright thus 10 2 hands 10 businesses that you simply will begin nowadays to be ready to work from home-prepared very well let's try this favorite graphic designer does one have some quite graphic skills or does one have a background in commercial enterprise or does one have some skills from school that you simply may pull in if you are good at that kind of thing this is where, 

I came in first if you are good at that kind of thing and you have a good I offer graphic designing as a service that you can provide to people number two web designing kind of along the same category not really but kinda so if you kind of know the back ends of how to design a website and really how to get it all done offer your web design services people will love it 

the third issue that you just may altogether do to figure from home and begin a business is to be a tee shirt designer currently this positively includes a little additional
like effortful sort of actual like physical intensive work thereto then like an internet designer graphic designer

but I've seen a lot of businesses start from the ground up in this category from someone's kitchen or living room so that's a really good idea to the fourth business idea is to be a product developer of some sort maybe you have an amazing product that you want to get out into the world does that thing do it from home 

who says you have to have like a warehouse or a storage building or anything you can easily work from the comfort of your own home creating the product that you want to put out into the world now the fifth business that you can create on your own and work from your jammies is a virtual assistant business, 

now this one is where a lot of people get started because they come into it they're like how can I start online how can I start a business associated work from home and that I have this company background I used to be a govt assistant I used to be this that or the opposite and it falls very nicely into the category of virtual assistants and if you want more information about that or you want to learn how to be a virtual assistant 

I've included a link to my friend Ivy's programs in site below she's an amazing teacher for people who want to become virtual assistants and is an amazing resource so if that sounds like something you want to do hit her up below number six is to be a coach this could be a weight loss coach this could be a business coach 

a life coach a money mindset coach this could be whatever kind of coach you want to be but you can be a coach and work from your own home you are coaching people over the phone over video to try to to one thing to find out a way to do one thing to empower them to try to to one thing no matter, however, this may be a district of experience for you variety seven be a nutrition or a fitness knowledgeable 

therefore does one love food and love intake right and love fixing sensible food for your family and love training other people maybe you are a personal trainer and you want to get out of the gym you can easily create online ways to be able to do this thing and work from home so there are definitely a little a few more certifications in this area than like a lot of these others include but maybe you that's what you want to do and you're like hey 

I want to be a nutrition coach or a fitness coach or you know whatever in that realm do it yo do it number eight is one that I just absolutely love and I've created and I'm creating more blogs about how to do it and how to do it successfully and that is to be a blogger now bloggers do make money there are a lot of bloggers out there that don't make money so if you are looking to get into this field of business make sure that you're doing 

your due diligence and doing it right because you can do it from home but you actually need to make sure it's a business and not a hobby alright number nine is to be a social media manager you like to post on Instagram you like to post on Facebook you can easily step into a company and say hey 

I'll post for you and here's my right business is done and that leads me into number 10 a little bit I don't really know how that leads in but we're gonna go with it and number 10 is to be a copywriter maybe you have the gift of gab you love to write you are a publisher by trade you are an aspiring writer you just really love to write you've always been good at writing you can be a copywriter 

you can be someone who turns content from blogs into blog posts you can be someone who writes sales pages in a way that convert for people you can be a copywriter that people love and really want to call on so definitely consider that as one of the things as well now there are a hundred and two thousand other ways that you could work from home by starting your own business 

but this is just Tim ten of the ways that I could think of that I know people actually making money with right now and so I know that you could easily do them as well well again if you are looking to build a business like these definitely pick up the business builders guide at Jessica Stansbury com /bb G that's link below as well as everything else I talked about in this blog and until next time bye.

Work from Home | 10 Business Ideas to start from HOME!

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